Friday, March 23, 2007

Comparing Lotus Notes and MOSS Features

I was thinking about how Lotus Notes features map to MOSS 2007 features. This is not intended to be a comprehensive list, but may provide some food for thought....


Lotus Notes Feature

MOSS 2007 Feature


Reader and Author names fields

Item level security

We have prototyped an implementation of this which allows the programmatic setting of the item security based on metadata values.


Forms Server (InfoPath) or SharePoint Lists

InfoPath 2007 and Forms Server allow the creation of sophisticated forms which can be published and used through the browser interface. For some applications the standard forms in a list may be adequate. It is also possible to hook customised ASPX pages into lists.


SharePoint Views, DataView Web Parts, Query View Web Parts

There are many powerful ways of representing views in MOSS. There are the native views, Query View web part and Data View web part (created in SharePoint Designer).

User Management (NAB)

Active Directory, LDAP, SQL authentication providers

MOSS uses AD and SharePoint groups to control access.


Sites and Libraries

Potentially the SharePoint site could be the container for what is currently represented by a Notes database. Also, it may be more appropriate to use Lists and Libraries in one site where an application is currently split across Lotus Notes databases.



MOSS search can index the content and will honour the security. Non SharePoint data sources can also be indexed for search, including Lotus Notes databases, SQL Server and many others using the Business Data Catalog.


Site Columns and BDC

MOSS has the concept of site columns which can be created at the top level site and then used in sub sites in the hierarchy. These columns can lookup data from other lists as well as external data sources via the Business Data Catalog


Workflow Foundation

MOSS has some out of the box workflows and can also host custom workflows built either with Office SharePoint Deesigner 2007 or Visual Studion 2005. There are also products that can be implemented with MOSS such as K2.Net.


Custom code attached to events or workflows

There are a number of alternatives for this. We can utilise workflow functionality to cause code to run. We can also attach code to the various SharePoint events.

Email agents

Workflow Foundation

Notifications to items can be performed utilising the SharePoint Workflow functionality.

Database Templates

Site Templates

In a similar way that you can create a Notes template and create databases from that template, you can also create a MOSS Site templates or definitions from which to create new sites

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