Thursday, April 12, 2007

Samples with the ECM Starter Kit

If you have not yet downloaded the MOSS SDK and ECM Starter Kit, it is definately worth looking at.

The ECM starter kit includes a number of code samples;

Sample Summaries

Document Management and Content Processing

  • Term Replacement Document Inspector Module: A document inspector that replaces terms in a document with a term that can be used publicly.
  • Document Converters:
    • Server-side Custom Property Remover: A simple docx to docx converter that removes custom properties.
    • Docm to Docx Converter: A converter that will remove macros, and change the document from the docm format to the docx format.

Records Management and Policy:

  • De-Duplication Router: A records repository router that prevents duplicate files from being submitted to the records repository.
  • Document Integrity Verifier: A policy feature that verifies that the document content does not change.
  • Submit to Records Repository Console Application: An application that uses SOAP to submit files to the records repository.
  • Search, Collect, and Hold Tool: A console application that allows users to place litigation hold orders on SharePoint content being managed outside of a Records Center site.
  • Sample Barcode Generator: A custom barcode generator that plugs into the "Barcode" policy feature to create barcodes for items.
  • Default Site Policy: A console application that sets a site collection policy for all lists in a site collection.


  • Custom Workflow Reports: A custom report query and injector to demonstrate how to create custom reports for workflow (concepts also apply to audit reports).
  • ECMActivities: Custom workflow activities that interact with enterprise content management features, and that can be used in other workflows.
  • Item Activities: Activities that wrap the IListItemService workflow service APIs.
  • Hello World Sequential: A basic sequential workflow that includes Microsoft® Office InfoPath® form integration.
  • State Based Approval: A basic state machine workflow with a two-level approval process.
  • Modification: A basic workflow that shows how to modify a workflow already in progress.
  • Replication and Contact Selector: A workflow that shows how to use the Contact Selector ActiveX control in InfoPath and the Replicator activity to create multiple tasks.
  • Intersystem Purchase Order: A solution that demonstrates how to use SharePoint workflow with external systems.
  • ASPX Collect Feedback: A basic "Collect Feedback" workflow that uses ASPX pages instead of InfoPath forms.
  • Confidential Approval: An approval workflow that uses item-level permissions to "lock down" a document, workflow tasks, and history items.
  • Group Approval: An extension of the East Asian SharePoint® Server 2007 Group Approval workflow.
  • Review Workflows: An extensible imitation of the SharePoint Server 2007 Approval workflow.
  • Multi-Stage: A workflow that assigns tasks set of serial stages that have tasks done in parallel. 
  • Server-side Collect Signatures: An imitation of the SharePoint Server 2007 Collect Signatures Workflow. Uses Office Open XML Formats Word document to pull out signature lines on the server and assign tasks to the owners.

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