Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Windows Live

Hmm, I have not been a fan of Windows Live up until now, but I have to say that I just installed the latest software for Windows Live, and I am pretty impressed so far.

I am writing this blog entry using Windows Live Writer, and the interface is very nice. It connected to my WSS based blog very easily and I am up and running...

Also, I am pretty impressed with Windows Live Photo Gallery beta. For a number of years I have used Microsoft Digital Image Suite which in itself has been a good application for managing my photos. Apparently that is discontinued, so this will be the replacement.

I haven't tried Windows Live mail yet, but I am told that it is pretty good.


Gosford to Lord Howe Island Yacht Race

Well it has been a while since I blogged. I have been pretty busy with work and sailing too...

Over the past week, I have been updating the Sailing Club web site with the news and positions for the 2007 Gosford to Lord Howe Island Yacht race. This race is the only other category one yacht race in Australia apart from the Sydney to Hobart.

Sounds like it was a tough race this year with strong headwinds for a substantial part of the race.

I did take lots of photographs of the start which I was pretty happy with. If you are interested in looking at them, look here.

And the winners are;

 Lord Howe Start 2007 007 (640x425) Lord Howe Start 2007 068 (2) (640x426) Lord Howe Start 2007 107 (2) (640x425)

The race is over for another year and the number of yacht races I actually sail in will now start to ramp up. I'm hoping for good weather this season... :)

Back to the tech stuff now....