Tuesday, January 22, 2008

SharePoint Cross-site Configurator - Home

The Solution Accelerator Team at Microsoft have released a tool on Codeplex to help deploy setting across farms.... I haven't tried it yet, but it looks interesting.

The SharePoint Cross-site Configurator

The tool automates the process of deploying the MOSS site settings in all or selected sites in a server farm as shown in the following list:
Note The Tool also enables IT administrators to customize the site settings to be deployed.
  • Applying Master Pages across a SharePoint server farm.
  • Setting up Web Titles for all or selected site collections across the farm.
  • Applying audit control settings to all or selected sites.
  • Adding advanced settings such as “Allow content type management” to all types of lists.
  • Adding a new Expiration Policy at the site collection level.
  • Adding a new Expiration Policy to content types, lists, and documents.

SharePoint Cross-site Configurator - Home

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