Sunday, March 9, 2008

Search Server Express 2008 is released

After a long weekend, trying to fit in watching the keynotes from MIX08 and the SharePoint conference. (Almost done :))

One thing I noted is that Microsoft Search Server Express 2008 is now available. This is a free product and includes some new features regarding federated search results. Combining this with Windows SharePoint Services presents some powerful possibilities


katiebird said...


Yesterday my boss asked me to research options for IntRAnet search engines.

I found Google's Mini-Appliance and this Search Engine Express that you're talking about here.

But, I'm not finding reviews of these products. I guess if Search Engine Express was just released that's a good explanation....

Do you have any suggestions for how I should research this question? Or any experiences that might be helpful to me.

Thank you VERY much for any help or suggestions or guidence.

Jeremy Hancock said...


Search Server Express 2008 is a newer (and Free) version of the search engine found in SharePoint 2007. It has a few more features than SharePoint. Given that it is free, I suggest downloading it and try indexing your content and see how it performs for you. The last time I installed it, it was very easy to setup.

If you want to look for reviews, you might look for SharePoint 2007 Search.

Good searching... :)