Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I came across the SharePointPodShow yesterday and downloaded all of the podcast episodes to occupy myself while driving from Sydney to Canberra.

I’ve listened to a number of them today, and they are excellent! I loved the one with Andrew Connell.

Looking forward to listening to the rest.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Why is Word 2007 so slow?

I have been writing a lot of documents recently and was wondering why Word 2007 was running so slowly on my machine? It would be slow to switch between documents, slow to page up and down and generally a real productivity killer. I decided to find out why and saw some posts about disabling add-ins which I tried to no avail. Then something caught my eye about printer drivers.

I had a network printer in my office as the Default printer. I changed the default to be XPS writer instead and voila! My Word 2007 is now very fast, no delay switching between documents or paging up and down. Word uses the printer driver to decide how to format the document as I understand it….

Wednesday, March 4, 2009 : K2 blackpoint Released

K2 have release their new product called blackpoint. This is a very well integrated solution with Microsoft SharePoint products and technologies (WSS 3 and MOSS).

Why might you look at K2 blackpoint over an above just the Workflow Foundation that you get with SharePoint?

  • Fast creation and deployment of workflow processes using either the K2 Web Designer (built with Silverlight!) or K2 Studio. (No Code!)
  • Amazing integration with SharePoint 2007 with numerous wizard based functions
  • Rich options for forms (InfoPath, Form Server, ASP.Net, SharePoint)
  • Great user experience for the business users (One task list for all tasks with rich functionality such as out of office, redirect, delegate, bulk actions)
  • Data driven workflow (Use SmartObjects to wrap SharePoint data which can help drive your workflow)
  • Integrated security model
  • Delegated management of processes (Process portals for process managers to manage their processes)
  • Reporting
  • Enterprise grade server for process execution

Amazing price point! (In my opinion, the time saved building, deploying and managing processes will provide very fast ROI on the cost of K2) : K2 blackpoint Overview