Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Deselecting items when importing a WSP into Visual Studio 2010

What a useful tip from Geoff Varosky. – Thanks Geoff!

First, you will want to select the first one you see in the window by clicking on it, both the checkbox, and the item itself so it is highlighted as shown… going to show you a neat little trick!


Now, scroll ALL the way to the bottom of the list, and select that, using your shift + click combination, and PRESTO! Everything has been unselected, except for the last item, which is just a simple click.

Importing Lists and Content Types into Visual Studio 2010 from Site Templates for Packaging in SharePoint 2010 Solutions « Geoff Varosky's Blog

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

CAuthZcontext and slow search

I have been working on a SharePoint 2010 farm deployment and came across a problem with the performance of SharePoint search. I was finding that it was consistently taking more than 15 seconds to return search results. As part of the troublshooting process, I turned on verbose logging in SharePoint and was able to identify the 15 second gap was between these two entries:

0x0138  12:38:40.33 init CAuthZcontext
0x0138  12:38:55.41 finished init CauthZContext

There was no reference to this anywhere on Google or Bing. I could not find any documentation.

I went to the extent of rebuilding the farm twice on different servers with different SQL instances. It was as simple as you can get with a Team Site collection and search center, about 5 documents in the document library. The problem persisted on both farms.

Thanks to @weshackett for suggesting I try enabling Claims for the web application hosting the document library. I did this and after resolving the subsequent Access Denied error by resetting the site collection administrator and recrawling the content, the performance went back to what I would expect.

It is still a bit of a mystery to me at present as to why Search was trying to use Claims authorisation for security trimming the results. If I find out, I will post the reason here.