Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Mindjet have re-launched their DevZone


MJ_Corporate_logo Having been a long time user and fan of MindManager from Mindjet, it is great to see that they have re-launched the DevZone and support for developing add-ons for MindManager. Tags: ,,

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David Marsh said...

Very disappointing from Mindjet. Their new DevZone is an empty shell mostly with nothing useful to offer. I spent more than 20 mins on their website just trying to find the API so that I might write an add-on to MindManager. I don't think I will go down the path of committing my time and energy to a company that seems to be very closed off in terms of development and general community support. I am happy to be proven wrong and shown how easy it is to ramp up full blown development of add-ons. The entry level to learn and understand how you might integrate into MindManager is not worth my investment. I would rather pursue other open source alternatives to building Mind Map Solutions. LucidCharts is a web based alternative that is more like Visio and works offline as well and can import Visio diagrams.