Thursday, July 7, 2011

Why is #SharePoint 2010 still sending Added Colleague notifications?

I was looking into an issue as to why SharePoint was sending the ‘added you as a colleague’ notification even though the SPS-EmailOptin user profile property was disabled. This property controls whether the user receives notifications when people add them as a colleague.

My investigation turned up a couple of interesting things:

  • The code that sends the email is NOT a timer job. It is sent inline when you press the OK button to add the colleague. (The code is in the Microsoft.Office.Server.UserProfiles namespace)
  • If the property is disabled, the email will always be sent irrespective of whether the user profile has a value for that property.

So, I suggest you don’t disable the property unless you always want this email to be sent.

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Anonymous said...

So what is your recommendation if your organization does in fact want the colleague notifications disabled?