Thursday, September 19, 2013

Day 1 of my transition to a Nokia 1020

After two years I decided to make the transition from my #iPhone 4s to a #Nokia 1020.

It finally arrived on Tuesday, so I thought I would publish some of my impressions as I start to use it.

My initial impressions are;

  • Very nice screen
  • I have most of the apps that I want with the exception of one which is FlipBoard. (Hopefully FlipBoard will come to WP8 soon)
  • Seems pretty fast
  • On the first day the battery drained quite quickly. After 9 hours I had about 15% remaining. I am trying turning off 4G for day 2 to see if that makes a difference.
  • I have taken a few photos and they do seem good, but I will try taking photos outside on Friday to give it a good test.
  • It isn’t too heavy.
  • The lens on the back doesn’t protrude as far as I had expected
  • I really like the Nokia Drive app for in car navigation
  • Like the double tap to wake up and the glance screen
  • The size is pretty good

I have to admit, I won’t be giving up my iPad 4 any time soon and will be interested to see what #IOS 7 look like.

More later

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